Everything you need to know to get started on your Diablo 4 journey!

Diablo 4 is live for the players who got early access. And while some have encountered some issues loading into the game, everything seems to be going smoothly. There are looking to become one of the first to reach level 100, there are others who are new to the world of Diablo. Here is everything you need to start breezing through the early levels of Diablo 4.

How can I level up quickly in Diablo 4?

Explore everywhere

For newer players who want to get a feel for the game, exploring the entirety of your surroundings is a great place to start. The map is gigantic and you never know where enemies are lurking. They could be hiding in many unconsidered areas that look like a dead end. Chances are those places are inhabited by demons and monsters. Exploring the entire level will greatly increase your chances of leveling up your character.

Exploring everywhere will help you discover hidden enemies
Exploring everywhere will help you discover hidden enemies

Grouping up with friends

Playing a game like Diablo is always fun when you have a party to join in on the action. In Diablo 4, players are encouraged to group up if they wish to rank up even faster than playing solo. If you are playing the game in co-op mode, you and your party will receive a +10% XP bonus. If you are playing the game solo in the open world, do not fear, you will still receive a +5% XP bonus when you are in close proximity to a player.

Completing sidequests

While the main story is the draw for Diablo players, if you are to maximize the amount of XP you are gaining, you are going to want to do sidequests. Sidequests have no impact on the main storyline, but they are valuable for earning loot, gold, and most importantly XP.

Altars of Lilith

The Altars of Lilith are a great way to earn some extra XP
The Altars of Lilith are a great way to earn some extra XP

Another way in which players can earn quick XP is through the Altars of Lilith. These are small shrines that are placed across Sanctuary. Interact with them and you will receive XP as a reward.

Increasing the world tier

This is recommended for the players who enjoy a challenge. Diablo allows you to set the difficulty level of the campaign, giving players the option to choose how challenging the enemies will be. One of the perks of playing on one of the harder difficulties is the increase in the amount of XP you earn.

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