The loser is eliminated from the event.

While some teams are eyeing a slot in the Champions stage, there are others that are just fighting for survival at the BLAST Paris Major. The FURIA vs G2 matchup is a Round 3 Low elimination match. Here’s everything you need to know about the FURIA vs G2 match including the live scores, preview, and player thoughts. 


FURIA - Surprise loss to Monte to kick off their campaign

(Image Credit: FURIA)
(Image Credit: FURIA)

The first match for FURIA was supposed to be a walkover. They were up against Monte, a team that has been making waves for some time, but still not taken seriously by many at the event.  And rightfully so, since they haven’t won any tournaments, they don’t have many big-name players on their roster.

But the format for the BLAST Paris Major, with initial matches being best-of-one series is one that was always going to cause a few upsets. Unfortunately for FURIA, they got upset by Monte, and in a pretty damning fashion. They lost 7-16 to Monte, after failing to win a single T-side round.

Analysts will tell you a team’s cohesion and synergy can be judged by their performance on their T side. While one best-of-one might not be sufficient to judge FURIA’s performance, other teams will be keeping an eye on their T side now. 

Their next match was against NIP on Nuke, it was always going to be a tough matchup even for much better teams. FURIA lost this match 8-16, yet another bo1 where they failed to reach double digits. 

G2 esports - Change in approach needed

G2 JkS (Imgae Credit: BLAST)
G2 JkS (Imgae Credit: BLAST)

Who would have thought to see G2 esports fighting for survival after two games at the BLAST Paris Major? Certainly not G2 fans!

G2 lost their opening match to Vitality, but it was their next loss that raised eyebrows. Playing against Bad News Eagles. G2 had a very strong start on Ancient, winning 10 rounds in their first half. But to lose the map against a weaker opponent from a 10-5 start speaks volumes of their CT side, which was pretty much in shambles. From dealing with their low economy to a lack of proper communication on the opponents’ movements, there seemed to be a lot going wrong with G2 esports. 

Whether they can modify their approach before today’s match is still up for debate.

FURIA vs G2 esports

The first thing you can notice is that FURIA is on a four-match losing streak. While we know of their losses at the BLAST Paris Major, you can also see they lost to Heroic and cloud9 before this tournament. Meanwhile, for G2, they had three consecutive wins before coming into this event. 

G2’s victories were against much weaker opponents but the team has the firepower necessary to storm through the initial stages. FURIA will need to have some luck with the map pool veto. They would especially love to get their hands on Mirage, but with G2 almost sure to veto Mirage, it is going to be a difficult prospect for FURIA. If chosen, Ancient will be a map that will decide the fate of the series. Ancient tends to be a slower-paced game with checking of corners and angles, and that favors G2’s playstyle a lot more than the South Americans.

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