A key reason why people change their CS:GO settings is to make the game run better.

CS:GO came out nine years ago and has amassed a plethora of settings to let users customize their gaming experience. Players can tailor most aspects of the game from the default settings – and most people do. Let’s be honest mimicking CS:GO Pro settings makes us feel like a boss.

A key reason why people change their CS:GO settings is to make the game run better. Changing settings to suit the capabilities of your gaming setup can help improve how your game runs, which can aid performance. Tweaking your settings can help maximize FPS and reduce lag, both of which will make for a smoother gaming experience and help you excel.

Users also change their CS:GO settings to suit their personal aesthetic preferences, for example, changing their crosshair or resolution to something more comfortable or familiar, which has its own gameplay benefits.

2021 Best CS:GO Pro Settings
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Learn From the Pros

If you’re looking for guidance on optimizing your game, CS:GO pro settings are an excellent place to start. Pro players have thousands of hours in CS:GO, and they play at the highest level, so their settings have been tried and tested. 

Unlike some other games, and thanks to CS:GO’s vast array of options, top pros use a wide variety of different settings. The resolution, aspect ratio, sensitivity, crosshair, brightness, video quality and a myriad of other settings differ from player to player.

To guide you through this deluge of choices, we’ve curated a list of the most important CS:GO pro settings used by the best in the business. You can use this list as a resource to copy from, try out different combinations, and help you decide which settings best suit you.

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Best CS:GO Pro Settings 2021

Pro Settings List (Top 20)

Consult the table below for a sample of the most important CS:GO pro settings from some of the best players in the world across different teams and in-game roles. Since there are innumerable settings in the game that players can control, we’ve stuck to the most important settings in our list that significantly affect the game.

DPI (Dots Per Inch) is a mouse setting determining how quickly your mouse moves across your computer screen, while in-game sensitivity is a separate setting for how quickly your crosshair moves in-game. Zoom sensitivity refers to how quickly you move while scoped in on guns that have scopes, and refresh rate is how quickly your monitor refreshes the image on the screen.

Meanwhile, resolution refers to the resolution (number of pixels) your game is rendered in, and the Aspect Ratio determines how much of your screen the game will take up. Lastly, mouse acceleration makes your cursor move faster when you move your mouse quickly.

Settings Chart

Pro playerDPISensitivityZoom sensitivityRefresh rate (Hz)ResolutionAspect ratioMouse acceleration

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