Unfortunately, a lot of players are going to have to adjust.

Valve released Counter-Strike 2 to the entire fanbase after months of teasing the new game. What was several months of CS2 beta ended with the game’s official launch in September 2023. The game features improved graphics and significantly better performance even on PC systems that are not high-end. However, there is one feature that is bugging the community - the inability to switch to left hand.

Can We use the Left Hand in CS2?

Unfortunately, CS2 does not provide the option to switch to the left Hand. At launch, the game only features the right-hand model.

Even though the majority of players use the right-hand model there is still a substantial portion of the community that uses the left hand. 

There is an outside hope that Valve adds the left hand back to the game. However, it is only speculation and nothing else at the moment. 

The hope comes from the fact that Valve has been continuously adding new features to the game. CS2 beta did not include the net_graph and consoles, which were integral to the CS:GO experience. They added these features later in the beta. 

But with the game’s official release, it is doubtful they will add the Left-hand commands to CS2. 

How can Left hand players adjust to CS2

The best way to adjust to the right-hand model is to change your viewmodel settings. You can find the viewmodel settings by going through the following steps:

  • Go to Settings on the top left
  • Click on the ‘Game’ section
  • Scroll down to ‘Enable Developer console’ 
  • Choose Yes
  • If you press the ‘~’ key, you should see the Developer console open up.
  • Type the command: “viewmodel_fov
    • You can set the number between 54 and 68 only. 

For players accustomed to playing with a left-hand model it will take some time to adjust to the right hand model. There were certain peeks that were possible only with the left-hand model in CS:GO, so make sure to check how the right-hand model differs in CS2.