The best CS2 training maps to improve at the game cover image

The best CS2 training maps to improve at the game

Sharpen both your aim and your settings.

Workshop maps are back in CS2, and that means plenty of new options for training. The community has always done an amazing job of making resources for players. The field was essentially reset with the switch to the Source 2 engine, but mappers have updated many of the most important customs to fit the new game.

If you’re looking to improve at CS2 without spending a dime, these are three of the best training maps available in the Workshop.

CSStats Training Map is the best free aim trainer for CS2

The CSStats Training Map, made in partnership with ESL, still reigns supreme as the ultimate free aim trainer map for CS2. The map was effectively developed as an ad by, but it didn’t skimp out on features. Even after the switch to Source 2, it remains the gold standard for training maps.

<em>The outdoor training zone has plenty of cover (Image via Valve)</em>
The outdoor training zone has plenty of cover (Image via Valve)

Several aim training maps offer similar environments, but this one stands out thanks to its practicality. Many of the environments are similar to the ones found in the active duty map pool. The controls are simple and clean, and it's possible to set up entire training routines with just a few clicks.

Crashz' Crosshair Generator: Get your crosshair in order

Your crosshair has a bigger impact on your performance than you may think. There’s a reason that pros tend to use small crosshairs with no central dot, though plenty of variations exist. If you want to instantly improve your aim, crashz’ Crosshair Generator can turn your default crosshair into the razor-sharp tool it was always meant to be.

<em>The pro wall on crashz' Crosshair Generator (Image via Valve)</em>
The pro wall on crashz' Crosshair Generator (Image via Valve)

Crashz’ map is the absolute best, with tons of in-game tools to finetune your crosshair with live updates. There are multiple backgrounds to test your color on different maps as well as a firing range. If you want to copy the pros, there’s even a wall that lets you copy them. It’s the fastest way to get that new crosshair feeling.

Aim_Long is one of the best 1v1 training maps in CS2 

Shooting bots can be nice a way to warm up, but when it comes to replicating a real game, few training modes can match the intensity of 1v1. This often-forgotten game mode is an amazing way to train with a friend, helping you both get better in the process. However, maps are key. In the case of CS2, Aim_Long is one of the best maps for training this crucial skill.

Aim_Long is perfect for riflers and AWPers alike (Image via Valve)
Aim_Long is perfect for riflers and AWPers alike (Image via Valve)

The map features plenty of different sightlines, and the ample cover makes it possible to poke from afar or force a close-range gunfight. The map’s built-in game mode makes jumping in and playing very simple. The height of several platforms even makes it a great way to train your movement in the heat of the clutch. 

These are some excellent training maps to practice and sometimes just play offline (outside of matchmaking). You can also search for other Training maps in Counter-Strike 2 on the official workshop page.

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