Here is a list of the players who refused to be in College Football 25.

If you are a sports gamer, you are presumably pretty hyped about the release of College Football 25. Being the franchise's first release in over a decade, many fans have already put their pre-orders in and are waiting in anticipation of the game's release. Some players, however, have asked not to be included in the game - due to low pay and more.

Here are all the players who refused to be in College Football 25.

Every player who refused to be in College Football 25

With College Football 25 releasing in a little over a week (July 19, 2024), many fans are excited to play as their favorite college team. Not only that, but many have picked their favorite players that they will be able to play as.

EA originally ended the College Football series because players felt they weren't compensated enough for their names and images used in the games. While College Football 25 is paying players, some still feel they are not getting paid enough.

Or, they just simply did not want to be included.

While it was difficult to find the names of all the players who chose to opt out of being in College Football 25, it seems as if two prominent names have made it known to the public.

Players who refused to be in College Football 25:

  • Arch Manning (University of Texas)
  • Memorable Factor (Duke)

About NCAA 2025

College Football 2025 (otherwise known as NCAA 2025), is the newest installment in the College Football series, which hasn't had a title release since 2013.

With multiple agreements made between EA, the league and the players, the franchise is officially dropping the 2025 installment this summer. With all 134 teams appearing in the game, there will be no lack of content for gamers.

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