The TAQ-56 is one of the best Assault Rifles in MW2 but what’s the best setup for it?

The TAQ-56 is one of the strongest Assault Rifle weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but what is the best loadout to use on the gun in MW2?

Better known to franchise fans as the SCAR, the TAQ-56 is a fantastic option for mid-to-long-range gunfights. If you are expecting a close-quarters-style fight, this isn't the gun for you. Fans know it as the SCAR because it is modelled after the real-life FN SCAR-L.

How to unlock the TAQ-56

Unlocking the TAQ-56 is incredibly simple. Unlike some of the other weapons in MW2, you can get access to the TAQ-56 by simply increasing your "Military Rank" in-game. This is your account's overall level. It is a base weapon and not part of a weapon tree.

The TAQ-56 is unlocked at Level 19. You will have to play with other weapons before being able to use this one. Although, if you played the MW2 beta and levelled all the way to level 30, you will have access to the Frontal Impact blueprint.

The blueprint comes with some pretty decent attachments for the gun and will let you level up whilst using it.

The best loadout for the TAQ-56

The new customisation system in MW2 makes it quite difficult to nail down one set of attachments that is better than all of the others.

Instead of the 10 attachments that you could put on your gun in Vanguard, you can now only use five. That makes deciding what is important to have on your weapon all the more important.

Weapon tuning is also available for every weapon in the game and can be unlocked by levelling up each individual weapon to its max rank in the game.

A good TAQ-56 loadout to use, particularly in competitive modes.
A good TAQ-56 loadout to use, particularly in competitive modes.

Most come down to personal preference but these are the best that we've used so far.

The best TAQ-56 loadout in MW2:

  • Rear Grip: Demo CleanShot Grip
  • Underbarrel: FTaC Ripper 56
  • Muzzle: XTEN Havoc
  • Barrel: 14.5" Tundra Pro
  • Ammunition: 5.56 High Velocity

The TAQ-56 is the most widely used assault rifle in competitive Call of Duty this year. It has been used by pros since the M4 was added to the Gentlemen's Agreement. Most pros have their TAQ-56 loadout very similar to ours, with small changes to underbarrel, muzzle and rear grip present on some.

The TAQ-56 is a very versatile weapon and can allow for slower or faster pacing depending on which attachments or tunings you want to use on your gun. For us, we've left the tuning completely untouched on our TAQ-56 build, keeping the balance of the base weapon.

Of course, this will have slight variations defending on what kind of playstyle you want to play. This is a very balanced and do-it-all build for the TAQ-56. It makes the recoil on the gun negligible and allows stability that makes aim improve by itself.