Snipe your enemies with the Savant Sniper –  Vantage cover image

Snipe your enemies with the Savant Sniper – Vantage

Vantage is the newest legend to join the Apex games. Join us as we break down her abilities, play style and tips to play her!

The Season 14 legend Vantage is well on its way and only a couple days away from joining the Apex Games. The new recon type legend has great solo and support potential with her kit. Her abilities allow for a combination of movement, information and damage output and what more could you really ask for!

Vantage taking aim
Vantage taking aim

Vantage: An overview

At face value and especially given her name, Vantage seems like a Legend that wants to sit back and play as a backline sniper. Although there is some truth to that statement, she can work just as well in the front lines. With her kit, she will play similar to lifeline, in that she will play a supporting role, but doesn't need to stay stationary like the Crypto.

Vantage's diverse kit

Given Vantage's name and description of the "Sniper Savant", Vantage's kit is built around getting into the right position with Echo and dealing massive damage with her team with her custom rifle. Although we don't know the finer details on her kit like cooldowns or specific numbers, you can still get a pretty solid idea of how she plays.

An overview of Vantage's abilities
An overview of Vantage's abilities

Vantage's Passive, Spotter's Lens

The Sniper Savant's passive ability grants her extra information when aiming down sights at an enemy. This works with all sights (long range, short range or even no sights). Vantage's passive gives a good chunk of information. With the ability, Vantage receives information on:

  • Which Legend she is aiming at
  • Distance to the target
  • What rarity Shields they have
  • If they are Kill leader
A view of the information given with the passive ability
A view of the information given with the passive ability

On paper, this doesn't seem too beneficial. However, arguably the most important lesson in Apex Legends is information. With Vantage's passive, you can get a good grip on how dangerous each squad you aim at is. Which in turn helps you pick which fights to and not to take, which is a great skill to have.

Echo Relocation

I hate to say it, but Echo is the cutest companion that any Legend has. It beats Bloodhound's Crow, Lifeline's D.O.C. (if you count that) and Ash's Rat. I think what really makes Echo the greatest is that you can use Echo and in a fun way.

Vantage leaping to new heights with her tactical
Vantage leaping to new heights with her tactical

With Vantage's tactical you can launch Echo out and after a short delay, you can leap to Echo's location. The targeting system and mechanics work in a similar way to Loba's Tactical Burglar's Best Friend, but with seemingly more momentum behind it rather than just stopping abruptly when landing. It's also worth noting that unlike Loba's tactical, you need to maintain line of sight with Echo. So you can't use the ability and move into cover. On top of that, you need to be very selective with your leaps, as you are a sitting duck mid air and can easily be shot down.

Sniper's Mark

Sniper's Mark is Vantage's Ultimate and her best ability by far. Vantage gets to use her custom older model of a Sentinel sniper rifle and change the course of a fight. Enemies hit by Vantage's sniper rifle are Marked and they receive extra damage from all sources from Vantage's team.

Vantage taking aim with her Ultimate ability
Vantage taking aim with her Ultimate ability

The initial shot of the sniper does 50 damage, which doesn't seem like a lot however, its the follow up that counts. The second shot coming from the sniper does 100 damage. For reference, a charged Sentinel shot does 88 damage to the body. So to say the least, the second shot will hurt.

Vantage's Friends and Synergies

Although there hasn't been too much deviation from the typical competitive team compositions, hopefully Vantage and the season 14 changes will switch up the meta. Vantage will most likley fit the role as the recon/flex legend, so Vantage will fit into roles like Crypto, Seer and Loba for teams. But there are other legends that might really push Vantage to the next level.

Aggressive Playstyles

  • Wraith
  • Octane
  • Mad Maggie

Although Vantage does have a movement ability, we don't know the full range and capabilities. Nor is the ability meant for initiating fights, rather to reposition or escape a dire situation. So, Vantage doesn't work well as the entry fragger, rather the follow up. So Vantage works well with legends that can easily push and allow Vantage to get her initial damage boosting sniper shot while teammates push in to clean up.

Mad Maggie also gets a mention, as with Vantage's sniper shots has a distinct noise to them. So, to prevent taking damage, most players will play behind cover to avoid getting marked. So, this is where Maggie comes in, with her tactical to damage enemies behind cover and her ultimate for entry fragging.

Defensive/Passive Playstyle

  • Wattson
  • Seer
  • Newcastle

Now with a more defensive playstyle, Vantage set up camp with the aid of other legends. Any defensive composition benefits from Wattson who can charge shields and set up a defensive perimeter as well as Newcastle that can set up cover anywhere. Seer also gets a notable mention with his heartbeat sensor and ultimate that reveals locations of enemies so you can get really good shots off with your ultimate.

Loadouts and Weapon Combinations

Now, its worth mentioning loadouts because Vantage technically has 3 weapons. Similar to how in the leaked upcoming legends there was an arms dealer legend that could carry more than 2 weapons. Vantage can cover all 3 ranges by carrying a shotgun and an Assault Rifle because her ultimate is a long range sniper. The fact that she can do this, alongside her mobility and high damage output might dethrone some of the top legends. Only time will tell.

Hopefully this Vantage guide helps you in the next coming days once Vantage finally hits the outlands in season 14 - Hunted. To read more about her, check out their Fandom page.