The trick allows teams to get better loot and have an edge in fights.

Loba has been around for quite a while in Apex Legends. She’s in a decent spot as far as legends go (once they fix that bug with her tactical). A good support legend that can ensure her team is always well-equipped. Loba’s Black Market comes in clutch with many situations, like when you’re low on ammo or need a quick armor swap. It also helps teams level up their loot faster and generally carry around better gear to give them that extra edge in fights.

Popular dataminer, Mok3snip3r made a video on a recently discovered trick using Loba’s ultimate. Crediting the player who originally discovered this trick, the video demonstrates how players can locate the loot they want within the Black Market radius after looting the initial two items. Loba has been around in Apex Legends since season 5 and so has this feature, apparently.

Locate an item in Loba’s Black Market by holding ping

Fans of Apex Legends Loba may appreciate knowing this handy little trick which has only just been discovered. A trick that makes Loba's Black Market that little bit more special.
Image Credits: Mok3snip3r on YouTube

Apex Legends Tiktoker Bestis TV was the first content creator to discover this feature. Mok3ysnip3r credited him in his video demonstrating it. Simply put, if you ping an item in the black market and then hold the ping button against the pinged item, you’ll see a visible line pointing in the direction of the item.

How can players use this?

We’re sure that you must have run into situations where you’ve looted your two items from the Black Market but know there’s something else you can use. Normally, if you aren’t in any immediate danger, you’d run about in the Black Market’s radius to find the item. Knowing this, you can simply identify the direction in which the item is placed and locate it easily using the black market radius on the map.

Does it make Loba’s Black Market stronger?

The ping function is a neat quality of life detail that players took eight whole seasons to discover. Will it make Loba’s ultimate significantly more powerful? Probably not. Will it help you find that 3rd item you actually also really wanted? Yes.

Loba's Black Market is a pretty handy tool to level up your equipment and stay better prepared for fights. It also comes in clutch in gunfights where you can quickly armor swap and pick up ammo.
Loba’s ultimate is already a strong tool to stock up on loot

While this little trick does come in handy, we still don’t expect it to improve her ultimate too much. Then again, you don’t need to fix what isn’t broken. The Black Market is a great tool to stock up and improve your loot quickly, something that will give you an edge in fights. (For example you can use it to armor swap!)

There’s also the fact that a vast majority of the Apex Legends player base still won’t know about this feature or care for that matter. Apex Legends is a pretty fast-paced game where players prefer to stay on the move. As Loba herself says. “Grab what you can, and move”.

Do you want to main Loba? We’ve published a complete guide on how to play her. You can read the guide before you get into some Apex Legends thievery!

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