Improve your Apex movement with these new  techniques (via MokeySniper) cover image

Improve your Apex movement with these new techniques (via MokeySniper)


Apex Legends players from Mokeysniper’s discord community have discovered a bunch of new movement techniques that improve gameplay.

Apex Legends is a playground that players of movement shooters thoroughly enjoy. The game borrows its DNA from Titanfall and Titanfall II, the Gods of all movement shooters.
The Apex Legends community absolutely enjoys discovering unique and interesting movement techniques that add flavor to the game and make it more interesting to play. Movement techniques form the basis of the game's combat, dictating gunfights and player skill.

New movement techniques from Mokeysniper's Discord community

Mokeysniper, a popular Apex Legends YouTuber and community contributor runs a discord community of movement enthusiasts that enjoy the Apex Legends/Titanfall video games.
This community has played a proactive role in discovering new Apex Legends movement techniques. Game-defining techniques like tap-strafing and punch-boosting had a huge impact on the meta.
Mokeysniper has published a new video on his YouTube channel demonstrating a bunch of new movement techniques.

Four Apex Movement Techniques

Here are the four Apex Movement techniques we will cover in this article:
  • Tap-Jumping
  • Snuggle-Sliding
  • Mag/Geo Jumping
  • Infinite Climbing


The most achievable movement technique for the masses in Mokeysniper's guide is Tap-Jumping. The technique allows players to pull off an "ultra-jump" of sorts that achieves twice the height of a regular zipline super-jump. This technique can be performed at a few vertical ziplines in World's Edge. The inputs for pulling off a Tap-Jump are Super-Jump (Interact + Jump + Jump) + Hold S while tapping W repeatedly. This might seem a little complicated at first but it can be achieved with some practice.
Where this Apex Movement technique comes in handy the most is the famous streamer building at Fragment in World's Edge. Many players like to hot-drop there and duke it out in a large warzone of sorts.
Aceu is often seen playing around with his prey in this building. The vertical zipline offers a great tool for initiation and disengagement. A technique like Tap-Jumping will give players an extra edge in fights around this building.


The Gondolas on World's Edge are a great way to gain quick bursts of movement speed
The Gondolas on World's Edge are a great way to gain quick bursts of movement speed
Zweek, a member of Mokeysniper's community discovered snuggle-sliding, a technique that finds its roots in Titanfall 2. Titanfall speedrunners use platforms moving in the opposite direction to gain a quick burst of velocity and maintain momentum. Snuggle-sliding is a technique that these speedrunners perform against oncoming moving platforms in order to gain optimal velocity.
The Gondolas at climatizer serve as moving platforms to perform snuggle slides. In order to pull this off, you need to sprint and slide in a parallel motion against an oncoming gondola and immediately perform a 180-degree tap-strafe. As a result of the velocity gained from the Gondola's movement, you can hit up to 650 movement speed. The tap-strafe and the resulting burst in movement speed will make you quite unpredictable as a target.

Mag/Geo Jumping

Image Source: Mokeysniper
Image Source: Mokeysniper
Certain doors and windows in Apex Legends and Titanfall have a magnetic effect of sorts that can pull you towards them while you catch air. This enables an Apex Legends movement technique referred to as "mag-jumping".
Another iteration of this "super-jump" is geo-jumping, which uses the geometry in certain objects like trees, doors, and vertical surfaces.
This is because certain vertical objects and surfaces like trees, doors, and walls create a magnetic field similar to the small windows that enable mag-jumping.
Mag-jumping and geo-jumping aren't very easy to execute and can only be pulled off against certain surfaces in King's Canyon. You can refer to Mokeysniper's demonstration to find out where you can pull these jumps off.

Infinite Climbing (Apex movement)

Image Source: Mokeysniper
Image Source: Mokeysniper
We all knew Revenant is a climby boi. But what if we were to tell you that any legend can climb infinitely. You can scale vertical structures infinitely so long as there's an adjacent wall to the side.
All you need to do to perform this apex legends movement to climb infinitely is find a corner wall and climb against it. The instant you notice you're about to fall, press jump against the adjacent surface to begin climbing again.
The Apex Legends community keeps discovering new movement techniques which keep the game interesting.
Player creativity drives the meta and these techniques provide an edge to players in combat. Keep an eye out on our site for more reports on new movement techniques. You can read our guide on punch-boosting here.
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