Here is how to get Apex Legends Twitch Drops, step by step.

The latest set of Apex Legends Twitch Drops have released, coinciding with the Season 21 mid-season patch. The latest Apex Twitch Drops will be avaliable from June 25 until July 9.

Apex Legends often releases in game items via the Twitch Drops system to commemorate certain events. We've seen releases for the start of a season, to shine a light on community artists or to coincide with ALGS events.

We've got you covered on what are currently avaliable via Twitch Drops, and how you can make sure you're all set to redeem them.

What are the current Apex Legends Twitch drops?

As of June 25 there are two new Twitch Drops avaliable for Apex Legends. These feature a funky new sticker and a skin for the RE-45. You'll need to watch for two hours in order to get these drops. This is one hour per item.

Make sure to tune into an Apex Legends Twitch stream before these drops disappear on July 9.

How do you redeem Apex Twitch Drops?

In order to claim Apex Twitch Drops, the first step is to link your Twitch and EA accounts. Here is how to do that if you haven't already.

If these steps have been successful you'll get a notification saying so. You can verify this by seeing which accounts are linked in the Connections tab of your Twitch Settings.

Now, all that is left to do is to jump into your favourite Apex Legends Twitch streamer and let those Drops roll in. Once you've watched enough to earn a Drop, head to your Twitch Inventory to claim it.

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