Effective Bangalore Apex mains can be some of the most consistent players in the game. Here are our tips to mastering this classic legend.

One of the original characters in the game, Bangalore has been a threat since the genesis of Apex Legends. Sporting a consistent and reliable kit, the Apex Legends soldier provides both newcomers and veterans with user-friendly abilities.

Bangalore can provide not only great offensive aid to her teammates, she can also disorient opponents with ease. We’ll show you how this Apex Legend can always be the soldier your team needs.

Bangalore from Apex Legends
Bangalore: The ultimate Apex Legends soldier

What makes Bangalore a viable choice in Apex?

Bangalore falls under the “offensive” legend category. Although she may be listed as such, her defensive and repositioning capabilities are just as usable. A skilled Bangalore can help a team be aggressive, or a team that likes to sit back and play the ring/environment. Either way, Bangalore always makes a solid contribution to any Apex squad.


  • Passive increases movement speed by 30% when under fire
  • Smoke disorients opponents and serves as a distraction
  • Her ultimate “Rolling Thunder” acts as a deterrent and also an opening to push into a fight


  • Relatively large hitbox which makes her easier to hit than smaller legends
  • Rolling Thunder (Bangalore ult) is relatively slow and easy to avoid unless in a crowded or pressured area

Whether you are new to the game and looking for a fun and user friendly Legend, or sweating your way through diamond, Bangalore can be the perfect legend to learn. A user friendly kit and abilities that lend themselves to solo or team play, she can be used by just about anyone. Overall, in season 13 Bangalore was picked around 5% of the time.

Bangalore Tactical: Smoke Launcher

  • Duration: 20 seconds per smoke cannister (2 available)
  • Cooldown: 33 seconds per cannister
Bangalore's smoke grenades in action in Apex Legends
2 available smoke grenades serve to disorient and distract nearby opponents

Bangalore’s tactical is a smoke grenade launcher that has 2 available cannisters which serve a multitude of purposes. It can be extremely useful both pushing into fights (particularly third party fights), and disengaging from opponents. A well placed smoke screen can be both a way to get some easy KP and also the perfect tool to get away from opponents.

Tips for Smoke Launcher

Tip #1

Smoke into your opponents and use a weapon with a digital threat scope (smg, pistol, or shotgun). One of the most rudimentary uses of Bangalore’s tactical is to smoke into your opponents or where they are going.

Pairing her tactical with a weapon that can utilize a digital threat scope is hugely important. If a team is holding a building or a POI and you disorient them with your smoke, having a scope that allows you to see through the smoke puts you at a huge advantage. Having more information than your opponent is integral to winning fights so always try to run a weapon with a digital threat and tell your teammates to as well.

Tip #2

Use Bangalore’s smoke to obscure vision and create your own visual barriers. One of the most common misuses of Bangalore smoke is to just smoke your feet where you are. Normally smoking where you currently are is more detrimental than useful. Use her tactical to disrupt LOS (line of sight). Smoking between you and an opponent cuts off their vision and allows you to move more safely and freely. A good smoke screen can allow you to coax your opponents into moving where you want.

Disrupt line of sight (LOS) by moving into smoke rather than smoking your current location

Tip #3

Use her smoke to escape. Bangalore can be one of the most elusive legends in the game. If a team is hot on your tail, use your smokes as a screen to get away. Pairing her smokes with her passive speed boost, and her ultimate, Rolling Thunder, can be one of the best ways to turn the tables on a fight.

Also be sure to use your environment with your smokes. If you are sliding down a hill, smoke forward to where you are going to be rather than where you currently are. This ensures by the time your opponents get through your smoke, you have that much more distance between you.

Bangalore's smoke launcher in Apex
Bangalore’s smoke launcher also deals 10 damage if her cannister strikes an opponent

Here is an analyzed clip from Raynday Gaming of the most famous Bangalore player (ShivFPS) using his smoke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ykx5xWiIyj0&t=9s

Bangalore Ultimate: Rolling Thunder

  • Duration: Rockets detonate 4 seconds after they land. The ability takes 4 seconds to engage, so the first row of rockets go off 8 seconds after the flair for the rocket positioning lands.
  • Cooldown: 3 minutes

Bangalore’s ultimate is what many consider to be the weakest part of her kit. If used correctly, it can be highly effective and lethal. ‘Rolling Thunder’ is a barrage of rockets that fall onto the battlefield in a zigzag pattern.

When using the ultimate, a throwable flair dictates where the barrage will land. The contention that many people have with the ultimate is that it takes too long to activate and provides opponents with ample time to avoid the rockets. When used correctly, Rolling Thunder can remain consistent with the disorienting theme that Bangalore’s kit provides.

A zig-zag barrage of rockets serves as a great tool to assault a POI or escape someone in pursuit

Tips for Rolling Thunder

Tip #1

Use Rolling Thunder offensively on POI’s or to third party. RT is the perfect tool to keep opponents in a particular position after they have fought. If you are pushing a building or other POI, engage the opponent with RT. Forcing a team to go inside or to take cover is the perfect way to push into a team whilst knowing where they are. A team will likely take cover to avoid not only the 40 damage but also the concussion stun that RT deals. If you manage to strike an opponent with the ultimate, they will be stunned and slowed which gives you a window of advantaged attack.

Tip #2

Push while the ult is going off. Do not wait for the ult to complete to push forward. Since the rockets go off in a zig-zag, make sure you’re pushing while they are detonating (just make sure you don’t get hit by any of the 6 rows of rockets yourself). Pushing behind but as close to the barrage as possible ensures you will be extremely close to either the stunned opponents or the area where they are hunkered down.

Tip #3

Use Rolling Thunder defensively. RT can be a fantastic deterrent as well as an offensive tool. If you complete a fight and can hear a third party creeping closer, throw RT in their direction and they will either change approach to avoid the damage/stun or you will do enough damage to turn the tables on them. RT allows teams to gather themselves quickly after a fight or even get off a critical rez (resurrection) if need be.

Utilize the delay on Bangalore’s ultimate and don’t be afraid to run through it if you have opponents pursuing you

Tip #4

Use Rolling Thunder to get away from opponents. One of the most common mistakes when using this Apex Legend soldier’s ultimate is to throw it at the opponent rather than in front of yourself. Remember, the ult takes time to go off. If you are running away from an opponent, force them to have to run through your barrage. This will undoubtedly give you a chance to turn and shoot while they are stunned or at least put enough distance between you that you can get to safety.

Passive: Double Time

The passive for our favorite Apex Legends soldier is one of the most reliable and self-explanatory passives in the game. When Bangalore is being shot at, she receives a 30% speed boost. This allows her to get away from slower legends while being shot at. It can also be a great tool to flank opponents during a fight.

The Double Time speed boost is consistent and reliable

Tip for Double Time

Remain active. This passive is only present when a team is firing nearby so make sure to utilize it. It is only effective if you are remaining active and moving so do not let that 30% speed increase go to waste. Pairing the speed boost with Bangalore’s tactical in Apex can be an excellent way to flank your opponents and take off angles.

Who pairs well with Bangalore in Apex?

While all legends can benefit from having a good Bangalore on their team, the best combination or pairing for a Bangalore is either a Bloodhound or Seer.

The disorienting capability of the smoke coupled with the information Bloodhound and Seer provide can be deadly. A well placed Eye of the Allfather or Focus of Attention (Bloodhound and Seer tactical, respectively) into Bangalore smoke can mean you have the opponent both blind and highlighted for the duration of either the Bloodhound or Seer tactical. Disorientation with information is the name of the game with these legend combinations.

Hopefully this guide helps you to excel at the ultimate Apex Legends soldier. For more information on the legend you can checkout their Fandom Wiki page.

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