How to level up fast in Apex Legends is a common question. Here are 12 different ways to gain XP faster. Quick tip: Survive longer.

If you've ever wonder how to level up fast in Apex Legends you'll be an expert by the end of this piece. Sometimes it may feel random if you level up quickly but there are 12 different methods you can gain experience, the lifeblood of levelling up fast and unlock those Apex Packs.

How to level up fast in Apex Legends (Quick tips)

If you're in a rush here are 7 ways to level up fast in Apex Legends, scroll down for the full breakdown of all 12 methods.

  1. Play with friend(s) for 5%-10% bonus Survival XP
  2. Play Apex Legends Ranked
  3. Survive longer in-game (3 XP per second)
  4. Deal more damage (0.25 XP per 1 damage)
  5. Get XP boosts playing during special events
  6. Play a support for the 200 XP per respawn
  7. Purchase a BattlePass for the bonus XP boosts
How to level up fast in Apex: Survival Time is the biggest factor
How to level up fast in Apex: Survival Time is the biggest factor

What is experience (XP) in Apex Legends

Experience is a player levelling mechanic which allows Apex players to level up their account. Levelling up earns Crafting Metals, Legend Tokens and more importantly Apex Packs. The amount of required experience increases as you progress through the levels. There are a total of 2,000 levels you can reach by earning experience in Apex Legends, split over four tiers.

How to get experience (XP) in Apex Legends?

Experience in Apex Legends can be earned through various methods, from the most basic such as killing an enemy to the more obscure such as getting your First Kill of the Day.

Overall, if you want to know how to level fast in Apex Legends, the most effective way is to survive as long as possible (to gain Survival XP). You gain 3 XP per second you survive, and that is based on your squad as a whole, not you individually. So even if you die early but your squad goes on to win, you will gain a significant amount of Survival XP. If you leave early you will only receive Survival XP up until that point.

Important: Completing in-game challenges does NOT contribute to your account level, it only contributes to your free or Premium BattlePass level. Yep, it's a common misconception. Collection Event challenges also do not contribute to your account level.

12 ways to gain XP in-game

XP earned
Won Match900 XP
Top 5 finish300 XP
Kills50 XP per kill
Damage dealt0.254 XP per 1 damage point
Time Survived3 XP per second survived (as a squad)
Revive Ally25 XP per revive
Respawn Ally200 XP per respawn
First Kill of the Day500 XP
Killed Champion500 XP per kill of the champion squad
Kill Leader50 XP if you have been kill leader at any point
Champion Squad500 XP if you are the champions squad
Playing with 1 Friend+5% XP bonus to Time Survived
Playing with 2 Friends+10% XP bonus to Time Survived
Gaining experience - How to level up fast in Apex Legends

Playing a support character that can craft banners is another valuable way to gain XP, as respawning an ally is 200 XP per respawn, compared to 50 XP for a kill. There is no cap on how many times you can get respawn XP, so if you're team-mates accidentally on purpose fell off the map, well you'd get 400 XP to resurrect them.

How much experience do I need to level up in Apex Legends?

The experience required to reach the next level varies as you increase in level. Interestingly, it isn't always a greater amount than the previous level, and certain groups of levels are significantly easier. From level 19 to 57 however, you'll always only need 150 XP, which far less than was required earlier on.

We'd imagine this to avoid it always feeling like a slog to level up, encouraging you to play more after the early honeymoon period of loving a new game.

total XP to reach next level
new XP required
22650+2550 XP
33900+1250 XP
44750+850 XP
55600+850 XP
66350+750 XP
77100+750 XP
87850+750 XP
98150+300 XP
108600+450 XP
119050+ 450 XP
129500+ 450 XP
139950+ 450 XP
1410400+ 450 XP
1510850+ 450 XP
1611300+ 450 XP
1711750+ 450 XP
1812200+ 450 XP
1912350+150 XP
2012500+150 XP
2112650+150 XP
2212800+150 XP
2312950+150 XP
2413100+150 XP
2513250+150 XP
2613400+150 XP
2713550+150 XP
2813700+150 XP
2913850+150 XP
3014000+150 XP
3114150+150 XP
3214300+150 XP
3314450+150 XP
3414600+150 XP
3514750+150 XP
3614900+150 XP
3715050+150 XP
3815200+150 XP
3915350+150 XP
4015000+150 XP
4115650+150 XP
4215800+150 XP
4315950+150 XP
4416100+150 XP
4516250+150 XP
4616400+150 XP
4716550+150 XP
4816700+150 XP
4916850+150 XP
5017000+150 XP
5117150+150 XP
5217300+150 XP
5317450+150 XP
5417600+150 XP
5517750+150 XP
5617900+150 XP
5718000+100 XP
The XP required to level up for the first 57 levels in Apex Legends

Levelling up will be slow if you have an account over level 58

After reaching level 57, things get a lot simpler and it is a fixed rate for each band of levels. Unfortunately it does mean that after level 58, you will feel levelling up is a lot harder and slower. Perhaps this is even why you were keen on working out how to level up fast in Apex Legends in the first place.

XP to reach next level
58 - 10018,000 XP per level
101-20020,000 XP per level
201-30023,000 XP per level
301-40028,000 XP per level
401-50036,000 XP per level

After you have reached level 500 you will no longer gain levels as you have reached the current level cap.