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How to find your Play Time on Apex Legends

Have you ever wondered how much time you’ve spent on Apex Legends? We’ll here’s a quick guide on checking your play time in Apex!

It's easy to fall into the rabbit hole of Apex Legends and not realize how long you've been playing. Like most games, it's not something people typically keep track of. Players can sink hundreds to thousands of hours without batting an eye. You can be really proud of or really disappointed in, do what you will with this information. Here's a quick guide on showing you where to find your play time for Apex Legends.

How to find out your Play time on Apex on PC

With playing Apex Legends on PC, there are only two options, either Steam or the EA App. On both platforms, it is quite simple and easy to find the total amount of hours played. On Steam, head to your Steam library, which is the second main header. From there, head to the Apex Legends page by clicking on the game. From there you'll be on the Apex Legends game page, where it shows the last date you played Apex, the Store page, the recent news, and of course, your Playtime. The hours spent playing, or playtime is right below the banner beside the Last Played tracker.

How to view your play time on Steam?

  1. Go to Steam library page
  2. Click Apex Legends
  3. The Play time tracker is right below the banner image

On the EA App, the process is quite similar. On the overview page for Apex Legends, the play time tracker is right there just Below the Last Played tracker.

How to find out your Play time on Apex on console

Finding out how much time you've spent on Apex Legends on Console is a little trickier. Unlike on PC, the console versions of Apex don't really keep track of your hours. However, you can use an outside source to find the answer. Thanks to a reddit thread, players can use Exophase to find out how many hours they've spend on Apex Legends.

How to find out your Play time on Apex on console?

  1. Copy this link into your browser:
  2. Replace the "psn" with "Xbox" if you are playing on Xbox, if not don't change it
  3. Replace "YourName" with your gamertag
  4. Then hit enter

From there, Exophase will provide you with your playtime as well as some other information, like which achievements you've unlocked.

And it's as simple as that! For more Apex Legends content and esports news, stay tuned to