Are you as frustrated as everyone else is with the “SURVIVE X RING CLOSINGS” challenges in Apex Legends Breakout? Here’s how you can complete these challenges.

If you've played the Apex Legends breakout season, chances are, you're sick of the challenges. They did it. They had us in the first half. We all saw the fancy Wraith skin and the Flatline reactive recolour and got lured in to grind for these challenges.

As season 20 comes to a close, we find ourselves burnt out and wondering how you can survive so many ring closings. Well, where there's a will, there's a way. We know. We hate these challenges too. But what if we told you there were some easier ways to complete them?

Solo queue for the Ring Closing challenges

Trust us when we say this but solo queueing is a far better choice for any kind of survive x ring closings challenge. Or any challenge that can only be completed in BRs which isn't thank x squadmates. Like Open X Special Bins. There are two reasons for this. For starters, you aren't competing with random squadmates to pick the legend you need for the challenge. Secondly, you get to decide where you land, and this is crucial to survive ring closings.

Once the game begins as a solo queue, don't jump off the dropship immediately. Wait for everyone to jump, and then make your move. Make sure you're landing in a location nobody else has landed and keep an eye out on the ring. Ideally, just sneakily head towards the center of the ring and find a decent spot to rat. Once you've found a spot, just sit there and watch a TikTok or something. But keep an eye on the screen, in case the ring isn't going where you predicted it.

Surviving 20 ring closings as a solo queue rampart had us trying some stupid stuff
Surviving 20 ring closings as a solo queue rampart had us trying some stupid stuff

This is frustrating gameplay, and trust us when we say this, we know how annoying it can be to play the game in rat mode. But that's the best way you can complete these challenges with multiple ring closings. There will be a few games where you get killed, but this is better than dealing with the uncertainty of teammates who might pick your legend or hot-drop into battle.

For the damage, kills and game challenges, play Mixtape

The good thing about the Breakout Challenges in Apex Legends is that most of them can be completed in Mixtape mode. Thankfully, Respawn didn't set a "BR Only" lock on these challenges, so the deal x damage and get x kills as x legend challenges are quite doable. Mixtape game modes are much easier to score high-damage in because you keep respawning and get loadouts of your choice.

When does Apex Legends Breakout end?

If you're still struggling to complete these challenges and are worried you might not finish them before the season ends, don't fret. Breakout ends on May 6. So you still have 20 days left to complete the breakout challenges. Just follow these instructions. They're still a grind, but not as bad as they probably were if you were just playing the game normally.

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