Shell we take our gameplay up a notch?

The latest Apex Legends Living Shells Trios mode has introduced the first new grenade we have seen since the games release. While it is exclusive to this mode, the Apex Rev Shell is making a big impact on the game.

The Apex Rev Shell is a seeking grenade, hunting down enemy players (and laughing at them as it travels). The Shell can be interacted with, and crucially destroyed. If it explodes, it deals some serious damage.

How much damage does the Apex Rev Shell do?

The Apex Rev Shell can deal up to 75 damage if it hits your intended target. The Shell gets thrown in a straight line, while seeking enemies. Once it finds an enemy, it locks on. It will then provide a scan on it's target and relentlessly chase it.

The Shell can even pass through walls and windows in pursuit of its target. Once it reaches its target there is a short 0.5 second delay before it explodes.

Where can I find the Apex Rev Shell?

The Apex Rev Shell can be found only in the Living Shell Trio mode. In that mode, the Rev Shells are available as normal loot - on the ground and in loot bins.

You can hold one Rev Shell per inventory slot. However, if you are Fuse, you can hold two per slot. These are equipped and launched in the exact same way as other grenades in the game.

Tips & tricks

  • The Rev Shell provides a scan on enemies, which is very useful. While the Shell itself travels slowly the scan kicks in as soon as it locks on. Throw a shell, then take an angle on your enemy. They can't focus on you and the Shell at the same time.
  • Unlike other Grenades, the Rev Shell can be destroyed. It has 32 health and can be shot pretty easily.
  • If you're Pathfinder, or teaming with one, you can actually slingshot off the Shell. Throw it, then grapple off it to hit a pretty cool looking movement tech!
  • Because the Shells travel slowly, try and not throw them from too far away. Unless you are planning to abuse their scans, rather than the damage.
  • Don't forget they can pass through walls and windows when you are trying to avoid shells that are locked onto you.

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