With the addition of the Rampage, we’ve decided to make a tier list of all the current weapons in Apex. Join us as we break down the list!

Apex Legends has quite the arsenal of weapons. With 7 different classes of weapons with all unique builds and features it can be confusing to know which guns to use. So, similar to our Legend Tier list and help from Bears Say Meow’s TTK chart, we’ve ranked Apex Legends’ best Guns in a tier list so you can get an idea where they stand. However, my golden rule always has been “comfort over meta”.

If you are more comfortable with a certain weapon, use that over something that is meta because more times than not, you’ll be better with what you are comfortable with. Also, keep in mind the weapons in each tier are in no particular order. But, hopefully this list can help you figure out what are Apex Legends’ best guns.

S Tier – Apex Legends’ Best Guns

These weapons are some of the best in the game. With some that can just one tap you or are just consistent powerhouses. All these weapons are almost always worth picking up if you get the chance.

S-tier weapons:

  • Kraber
  • Spitfire
  • Eva-8
  • R99
  • Flatline


When it comes to Apex Legends’ best guns, the Kraber is arguably the most broken weapon in the game. A super heavy sniper that basically can one tap through most armors. The low ammo count and exclusivity to the care package makes the weapon a bit of a challenge to use. However, regardless of the rarity and low ammo count, it still deals enormous amount of damage even if you don’t kill them with the first bullet.

Due to the sheer power of the Kraber, there has been some discussions on reddit about banning it from competitive. But regardless, the powerhouse is still probably the Apex’s best gun due to its sheer power. Plus, there is nothing more satisfying in Apex more than hitting a Kraber headshot.

apex legends best guns Kraber


Now more than ever, the Spitfire is a menace. In Season 9, the Spitfire was regarded as one of Apex’s best weapons, and this season is no different. Although its on the rare side of weapons due to it being in the care package, it is a beast nonetheless. With the old changes brought back to give the Spitfire easier recoil to control, the LMG just rips through anyone who stands in your way.

The gun doesn’t have the fastest fire rate of the LMG’s, but the high damage more than makes up for it. The limited ammo due to it being in the care package does hurt the weapon slightly, but it is more than enough to always pick it up if you get the chance.

apex legends best guns Spitfire


When people think about the best shotguns in Apex, people normally think of the Peacekeeper or the Mozambique (as a joke). But in reality, the best shotgun is the EVA-8. This shotgun decimates at close range with its great spread and fast fire rate. Although the pellets have the low damage, it more than makes up with its great spread and fast fire rate.

The EVA-8’s spread has a spread in the shape of an 8 (yes, just like the name), which makes it amazing shotgun. And, even with the nerf to fire rate, the shotgun still fires at an insane rate. With the insane fire rate and a great spread the EVA-8 Apex’s best close range weapon, as the spread is in the most optimal place if someone is in shotgun range.

apex legends best guns Eva-8


The R99 go brrrr. You can decimate anyone if you can hit your shots on this rapid firing SMG. There are few things more satisfying in Apex than unleashing a full R99 clip into someone and knocking them. Although it doesn’t do the most damage, the insane fire rate more than makes up for it. The R99 is the fastest firing weapon in the game, which makes it a bit of a challenge to control the recoil, but its still manageable with practice. With the fast fire rate, the time to kill on the R99 is alarmingly fast. and one of the fastest in the game. There is a reason that old Apex memes were about the TTV Wraiths, massacring lobbies with a R99 and Wingman.

apex legends best guns R99

The Flatline

The Flatline is simply the best Assault Rifle in Apex. The high damage, moderate fire rate and ease of control make this weapon a beast and a half. Headshots do around 30 to the head and 19 to the body, which is higher than any other Assault Rifle in Apex. On top of that, the spread just tilts upwards, so it’s super easy to control. Additionally, the slow that heavy ammunition applies on top of the high damage that the Flatline already applies makes the weapon even better. It is a simple, but reliable weapon that is great in almost every scenario, at every range. One of Apex Legends’ best guns for several seasons now, even after the removal of the Anvil Receiver Hop-up in Season 10.

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A Tier – A Close Second for Apex Legends’ Best Guns

Although they are a tier lower, the A-Tier of this list are weapons that can still put the work in. The A-Tier of Apex’s weapons are by no means bad. They are still well above average and easily usable in most scenarios.

A Tier weapons:

  • R301
  • Prowler
  • Alternator
  • Charge Rifle
  • Peacekeeper
  • Wingman


The R301 is the epitomy of the classic Assault Rifle. The light Assault rifle can shred from all ranges without much issue. The Assault Rife does average damage, has a fast fire rate and has a manageable recoil, which all let you shred through the unsuspected. However, with the fast fire rate of the R301, the Assault Rifle doesn’t do the most damage in comparison to its Assault Rife brother, the Flatline. Where the Flatline excels in damage, the R301 excels in fire rate. The simplicity and reliability of the R301 makes it a great choice. If you are coming from any other FPS game, this will be your comfort weapon.

apex legends best guns R301


Everyone’s favorite heavy burst fire SMG made its return in season 10. The much anticipated comeback of the Prowler made quite the impression as it was overperforming in all brackets. Especially with the aim assist of controllers, or PC players who have great aim, the weapon shreds at close range. Before the nerf and even post nerf, it is regarded as one of Apex Legends’ best guns.

The weapon does crazy damage with each 5 round burst, dealing 70 damage if the whole burst hits. In other words, if a full burst hits, that’s basically a third of your health gone (if you are at purple armor). It does take time to get used to the burst’s recoil, as it’s one of the few burst weapons in the game. But, if you can master it the weapon, you can burst people down insanely fast.

apex legends best guns Prowler


Back in the day there was a hop up that increased the damage done to shields by certain weapons. This hop up was called disruptor rounds, and it made weapons like the RE-45 and Alternator beasts. However, the hop up got removed and the Alternator and RE-45 faded into obscurity. However, in season 10, the Alternator got moved to the care package, and has been granted the shelved hop up. And man, its become the shield shredding monster that it once was, especially with its damage increase from the move. If you manage to get the alternator, then your enemies are gonna have to say bye to their shields. Some argue that the Alternator is one of Apex’s best weapons due to its demolition of shields, but it only destroys shields quickly. There’s still some flesh behind it that it still needs to get through.

apex legends best guns Alternator

Charge Rifle

The Charge Rifle is Apex’s best non care package sniper. With the Charge Rifle being the only hitscan weapon in the game. The sniper has crazy damage output, as the initial beam does damage on top of the actual sniper shot. The weapon is phenomenal at charging shields with the hitscan and high damage. This is because the Charge Rifle shoots one continuous beam that damages those hit by it throughout the beam. So, if you can track a player with the beam, you’ll level up your armor at an insane rate.

apex legends best guns Charge Rifle


Another one of Apex’s iconic weapons is the infamous Peacekeeper shotgun. Back in the early seasons of apex, everyone was using the Peacekeeper as it was a fun and high damaging shotgun. The shotgun packs quite the punch with its high damage and high pellet count. The Peacekeeper’s star like spread also allows for some huge damage potential in combination with its high damage. At close range it eats through armor, but with the choke feature allows you to charge the weapon and hit some long shots. It is the traditional shotgun, which is why its so popular and a lot of player’s comfort shotgun. Plus, its got some pretty cool animations if you holding it in one hand (mainly on a zipline or grappling).

apex legends best guns Peacekeeper


Arguably Apex’s most iconic weapon is the wingman. The deagle-like pistol can deal massive damage, but it is the hardest weapon to master. However, at the cost of a high skill ceiling, the weapon eviscerates if you can learn to use it. Dealing 45 to the body and 97 to the head, the weapon wipes the floor with people. On top of the high damage, it also has a relatively fast fire rate. In its heyday (when there was a skullpiercer hop up), it was regarded as Apex’s best ground loot weapon for the experienced player. However, this weapon isn’t in S tier due to the weapon being insanely hard to use and master.

apex legends best guns Wingman

B Tier – Occasional use

B-Tier weapons are average. They aren’t bad or good, they do what they need to do. The weapons don’t have any amazing damage, or insane capabilities, but can still a good option under the right circumstances.

B Tier weapons:

  • Bocek
  • L-Star
  • Havoc
  • Sentinel
  • G7 Scout
  • Mastiff
  • Triple Take

The Bocek

The bow in its release season was broken to say the least. It was Apex’s best gun at the time. It did way too much damage and it was silent. The bow is basically a upgraded sniper. It can output a ton of damage from far to medium range like most snipers, but also has the perks of being a Marksmen weapon. But, what really makes the Bocek so deadly is that it is a silent killer. The bow makes little to no sound, so it can wipe the unsuspecting with ease. Unfortunately, due to the nerfs from season 9 patches and the scarcity of arrows on the map, the Bow isn’t in a higher tier.


Thanks to the Season 10 patch, the L-Star got a massive buff. Now with the ability to equip extended mags and barrel mods, the L-Star has become a much more viable and easy to use weapon. The changes really made the L-Star easier to control as well, which makes it a great weapon to burst people down. This weapon is best played in close to medium ranges, as the bright red bullets make it hard to fight into. But what makes the L-Star really special is that you never have to reload, you just need to worry about not overheating the gun. If you can master the firing of the L-Star, you never overheat the weapon and you can constantly keep pressure in fights, which is amazing to have.

The Havoc

The Havoc is conceptually a really cool weapon. It has decent damage output and a average fire rate. However, the Havoc is simply outclassed by the other weapons in its class. The small delay it has before firing and the heavy vertical spread make it a hard weapon to master. But, the potential the Havoc has with the turbocharger is insane, the faster wind up time catches people by surprise and shreds them. With the Havoc, you almost have to pre-fire right before a fight kicks off to make full use of the weapon. But if you get that good start, the Havoc eats through enemies.

The Sentinel

The Sentinel, or as I like to call it, the discount Kraber is my favorite non care package sniper in the game. The high damaging bolt action sniper is phenomenal at mid to long range trading. The Sentinel has the highest damage of the ground loot snipers in the game (except for the full damage of the charge rifle), which makes it quite the beast of a weapon. But, the real reason why everyone loves the Sentinel is for the the super satisfying sound effects from using the gun.

G7 Scout

The G7 Scout is the other extreme of the marksmen weapons, where it has a super fast fire rate. Although it is on the lower damage end, the fast fire rate offsets it. The gun is a beast at trading at longer ranges as you can get multiple hits off before they can fire their second shot. Additionally, the hip fire on the G7 isn’t bad either, so it can come in clutch on occasion. With a 3x ACOG scope, this weapon is a beast. You get so much damage off of mid to long range trades and you can put a dent in someone’s armor easily.


Back when the peacekeeper was in the care package, most people were using the mastiff. The shotgun has a slow fire rate (for shotguns) but packs a punch. On top of that, the spread is 8 pellets in a horizontal line, which is a double bladed sword to say the least. Other shotguns in Apex tend to be more centralized and with more pellets, which makes them a lot better at shooting whoever is in front of you. But with the Mastiff, the low pellet count and how wide the spread is, the weapon isn’t the best close range option out there.

apex legends best guns Mastiff

Triple Take

The fact that the Triple Take got moved to the care package really helped the weapon. Prior to the move, it was similar to the longbow, a relatively fast firing sniper with lower damage. But nobody would use it over a Sentinel. Nowadays, things haven’t changed, and it’s arguably the worst care package weapon available due to it being outclassed by the other care package weapons. Conceptually, it is a great weapon, a fast firing sniper that does great damage but there isn’t anything groundbreaking about it. Regardless, the Triple take is a good sniper can really work wonders in mid to long range engagements. It also has an alarmingly good hipfire, and some have dubbed it the “shotgun sniper”, as it has 2 extra pellets that fly out when you shoot. But unfortunately, it is still nothing to write home about.

apex legends best guns Triple Take

C Tier – Niche Weapons

These weapons have specific niches that you can argue their use. These weapons are considered bad, as they are outclassed by the higher tiered weapons. But, in specific scenarios or when you have the right attachments, these weapons can be great. However, they are far from Apex Legends’ best guns.

C Tier weapons:

  • Rampage
  • Longbow
  • Devotion
  • Mozambique

The Rampage

The newest addition to Apex’s arsenal is the rampage. When it was demonstrated, it seemed like it would take the spot of the Spitfure, being one of Apex’s best weapons, but, that was not the case. The weapon is more oriented for mid to long range fights, however it can be decent close range as well (with the help of a thermite). Due to the slow fire rate, it can sometimes backfire in fights, as most other weapons have a faster time to kill.

However, if you have thermites to spare, the gun can put in work, as it has the damage to compensate for its slow fire rate. It can really work wonders if you manage to stock up on thermites, as it has the rare property of being able to move doors. So, if someone is holding a door, you can just blow it away.

apex legends best guns Rampage


The longbow is your traditional, fast firing sniper rifle. Similar to the Triple Take, it does what it sets out to do, but it’s nothing special. It fires faster than other snipers and does lower damage to compensate. The unfortunate truth is that as the lowest damaging sniper, it does not hold up compared to its competition. A case can be made that because it has one more attachment slot than its counterpart snipers, it isn’t used as much. Additionally, the removal of the Skullpiercer hop up really hurt the weapon, as the Skullpiercer really made this sniper a menace as it did insane damage to the head.


The Devotion is like starting up a machine you haven’t used in a while. You need to give it a second to power up to see what she can really do. But, once she gets that second, man she’ll blow you away. And so with the Devotion, it needs some time to really get to that max RPM, but once it does it can really shred people. However, with the recoil and the time it takes to really reach the RPM you need, it typically is already too late. The reliance on attachments really does hurt the weapon, as the recoil can be overwhelming and the Turbocharger allows you not to get bursted instantly by other more common weapons.


Arguably the most meme worthy and iconic gun of Apex is the Mozambique. The meme worthy shot gun has been the laughing stock of Apex’s arsenal for a long time. However, over the past couple patches, the Mozambique has received a couple upgrades. Although the removal of the hammerpoint hop up has hurt the weapon, the weapon can still pump out some massive damage if you land each of the pellets.

D Tier – Swap off drop weapons

The RE-45 and 30-30 Repeater fall under what I call “swap off drop weapons”. You most likely find these weapons at the start of the game, but drop them for more viable weapons. However, they do all fit some niche, and have decent stats to back them up.

D Tier weapons:

  • RE-45
  • 30-30 Repeater


The RE-45 conceptually is a unique pistol. It offsets the typical idea of the deagle/revolver-esque pistol. The fast shooting automatic pistol defies expectations through its insane fire rate. However, the damage that the RE-45 can put out is abysmal. The weapon can be great on drop as the fire rate and shred through white armor pretty quickly. But as the game goes on, and people have more than white armor, the gun falls of insanely quickly.

30-30 Repeater

I wish the 30-30 Repeater was higher up on this list. However, it’s outclassed by the other marksmen class weapons. It remains as a medium between damage and fire rate. With Marksmen weapons, it is better to stick to either side rather than in between. The hop ups do offer some versatility, however, again it is just outclassed by the other weapons.

F Tier – The Last resort

There really isn’t a reason to use the P2020 anymore since the removal of the Hammerpoint rounds, making the bottom of the barrel when it comes to Apex Legends’ best guns. The only real use is in Arenas, because the weapon is free. But other than that, it is just outclassed in every way, shape and form.

F Tier weapons:



The P2020 is one of those weapons that you pick up on drop if there is nothing else is available. Since the removal of Hammerpoint rounds, there has been no real reason to use the weapon. The weapon’s stats could be worse, with headshots doing 25 and body shots doing 18 damage. But, every other weapon in the game outclasses it. However, it has found a niche in Arenas as the weapon is free, so it can be a decent secondary to compliment a more expensive weapon.

And that’s it, all the weapons in Apex’s legends arsenal. There is no ideal “Best weapon” in Apex, each weapon has its own pros and cons in different niches. But at the end of the day, its what weapons you are comfortable with which will give you the most success. In the coming weeks, make sure to stick around as we dissect each of the 7 different weapon classes and go through each weapon carefully. For more Apex Legends content, stick around on Esports.gg.

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