The EMEA ALGS playoffs are this Saturday. We break down all the details on the format, where to watch and who could take home the victory.

The best 20 teams in the EMEA region go head to head this weekend in the Apex Legends Global Series: Split 1 Playoffs. Featuring big names in the region such as Gambit Esports, SCARZ and Alliance this is set to be a very closely contested tournament.

As well as competing for a share of the $250,000 prize pool the 20 teams are also competing for playoff points that can help qualify them for the end of season LAN.

Match Point Format in use

The ALGS Playoffs will use the controversial match point format again. This format means that instead of playing a best of 6, 8, 12 games like other tournaments there is no limit to how many games are played.

Instead, teams aim for a total of 50 points. This makes them 'match point eligible'. Once a team reaches that threshold, they can win the tournament. However, to do so they have to win a game while match point eligible. Then, 2nd-20th is settled by points totals. This means that the team with the most points does not always win the tournament.

Addition of Anonymous mode to ALGS Playoffs

This will be the first EMEA ALGS Playoff to feature the new anonymous mode. This means that players do not see each others names in the kill feed. One of the biggest complaints about anonymous mode has been that teams grief the first few teams on match point. Obviously, that is a viable strategy to extend the tournament so you can win. However, that will be much harder now the kill feed is anonymous.


The top 10 teams from the EMEA Pro League are starting with a points advantage this weekend. The seeded teams and their points advantage is tiered from 1st to 10th. This means that first placed team Gambit are already 20% of the way to match point.

The seeded teams and their starting points are as follows:

  • Gambit - 10
  • Alliance - 9
  • Guild - 8
  • 69iQ - 7
  • GMT - 6
  • Magicians - 5
  • NAVI - 4
  • Invictus Gaming - 3
  • Totem - 2
  • Rebel - 1

When and where to watch?

The EMEA playoffs start at 5PM GMT on Saturday January 22nd. They are being broadcast on the PlayApex Twitch channel, and the ALGS YouTube channel.

The Apex broadcast team are trialling showing a POV from all 20 teams, so there is plenty of action to follow this weekend.

ALGS Playoffs teams to watch

While the match point format does open the door to some surprise victories, like Kungarna (now 100 Thieves) in the NA ALGS Championships last summer, there are a few standout teams heading into Saturday's action.


Gambit, who finished first place in the Pro League, are the clear favourites to win the Playoffs. As the top seeded team, they already start with a sizeable 10 points. Gambit averaged 8.78 points per game in the Pro League. This strong consistency means that they should be able to reach match point in the first 2-4 games if they can perform to the same standards.

Is <a href="">Hardecki</a> the best player in the region?
Is Hardecki the best player in the region?

Gambit are led by standout player Hardecki. Hardecki was the #1 kill leader across the region in Pro League. The 18 year old Russian has over $50,000 in career earnings.

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However, Gambit have never won a match point format tournament - can they build on their Pro League success and finally bring home a major title?

iG (Invictus Gaming International)

The all British trio of Noiises, Brynn and Blasts are one of the best zone teams in EU. Playing from Lava Siphon and using Crypto the team rely on consistent placements to keep them ticking over. In a tense and cautious ALGS playoff their hard zone strategy could pay off.

Brynn is a pop off player
Brynn is a pop off player

If Invictus are to pull off a big ALGS playoff victory, they will need Wraith player Brynn to be on top form.

Who can forget his incredible clutch in the Apex Championships? Brynn is a big game player and if he is in the zone on Saturday you have to give iG a really good chance at winning it all.

Noiises feeling confident ahead of ALGS Playoffs

The brains behind the iG operation is Noiises, who plays Crypto for the all British squad. caught up with the 22 year old ahead of the weekends action.

Noiises said that "I am feeling confident going into the playoffs, I truly believe we have such a high ceiling, and when we reach that ceiling, we will be unstoppable. So preparations for the playoffs have us focusing on how we can reach that ceiling and produce the result we deserve."

"In terms of the actual games themselves, we have done so much work to set us up in great position to win the playoffs, and with the addition of anonymous mode, anyone can take the bag"

When asked if their zone style makes it harder for them to win in a match point format, Noiises said that they have moved their gamestyle away from consistency slightly in recent weeks.

Noiises is the IGL for iG
Noiises is the IGL for iG

"I think so long as anonymous mode is on, the game play experience isn't so bad for players regardless of play style, considering there are multiple teams that run the same comp (and skin randomizes are a thing) teams on match point should be focused less, leading to a more fun game play experience.

Our play style has shifted recently too, and we play less for consistency and more for opportunity high point games, but regardless the match point system shouldn't be too much a problem considering the anonymous mode"


The winners of the Apex Championships EMEA are a big game team. While they performed below their high standards in Pro League, the team of Mande, RPR and Taisheen have shown they can perform when it matters most.

Notably, SCARZ have returned to scrims following their poor Pro League showing. Traditionally SCARZ did not scrim, and perhaps this lack of practice cost them across the 6 weeks of Pro League. However, they have reacted in the positive way and are working hard ahead of Saturdays games.

RPR: "Scarz feeling confident as always"

RPR told that SCARZ were "feeling confident for the playoffs as always" and that they perform best when there is a lot on the line.

On why they have returned to scrims, RPR added "We returned to scrims because we had a long player break in the summer and we felt like we needed some more play time together to rejuvenate the synergy. As for that I would say we’re where we want to be with our form, and we ironed out the small things we needed to."

This match practice combined with their tight bond and vast experiences means that they are one of the teams to watch in the ALGS Playoffs, even without starting points from seeding.

Other notable teams to watch in the ALGS Playoffs

Even without a match point format, the EMEA region is incredibly balanced and almost all teams have a reasonable chance at taking home the victory. Notable teams to keep an eye on include 69iQ, Alliance, Guild and GMT.

Exciting weekend ahead!

With both EMEA and North America in action this weekend there is plenty to take in. Who do you think will take home the EMEA Playoffs? Let us know on Twitter @esports.