Brittany "briggsycakes" Gonzalez

Brittany "briggsycakes" Gonzalez
| | Twitter: @Briggsycakes

Brittany Angelica Gonzalez, a.k.a "Briggsycakes" is a lifelong gamer and history addict who enjoys using her knowledge of socioeconomic issues to provide a necessary insight as to what needs to be done to make gaming a safe space for all. Having been a published writer and journalist for over seven years, she enjoys cooking, pole dancing, a nice glass of red wine, and getting involved in all sorts of good trouble to hopefully inspire other people to stand up and fight.

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Cloud9 Blue’s Leaf lobt XSET als “mechanisch sehr geschickt”. Erwartungen? “Hoffentlich können wir gewinnen LUL”

Cloud9 Blue trifft nun in einem Ausscheidungsspiel bei den VALORANT Last Chance Qualifiers auf XSET. C9 Blue's Leaf erwartet eine Serie von drei Spielen und lobte XSET's Team als "mechanisch sehr geschickt".