Hearthstone Mercenaries is finally upon us: Where to watch and earn Drops cover image

Hearthstone Mercenaries is finally upon us: Where to watch and earn Drops


Hearthstone Mercenaries, originally expected for late 2020, will have its reveal stream on August 31, at 9 am PT. We explain how to earn United in Stormwind packs as part of the announcement

Mercenaries is Hearthstone’s latest game mode, combining RPG and roguelike elements with the Hearthstone universe. On August 31 at 9 am PT, everyone will finally discover what Mercenaries is all about. Game Director Ben Lee, Game Designer Joe Killion, and U.I. Designer Hasiba Arshad will introduce the new game mode.
Hearthstone Featured Mercenaries at Blizzconline 2021 - by Blizzard
Hearthstone Featured Mercenaries at Blizzconline 2021 - by Blizzard

Mercenaries Reveal Stream: Where to Watch

Hearthstone Mercenaries will have its reveal on Playhearthstone’s Twitch and Youtube channels. The stream will feature gameplay, reveal tons of content, and formally announce Mercenaries launch date. On top of that, Blizzard promises some extra surprises!
Mercenaries, the new Hearthstone spin-off, was originally announced to go live during the third phase of the Year of the Phoenix in 2020. However, it got postponed for 2021, and the pandemic didn’t help in speeding up its delivery. 
Phase 3 of Hearthstone's Year of the Phoenix (2020) Roadmap - by Blizzard
Phase 3 of Hearthstone's Year of the Phoenix (2020) Roadmap - by Blizzard
Alarms went off when Blizzard announced in July that a dedicated Hearthstone Mercenaries would happen this Fall. Things went silent for a while, but those who know how to read the signals might have gotten a hint last week when Celestalon posted this:
Many took this tweet as a soft Mercenaries announcement.

Earn Twitch Drops with Hearthstone Mercenaries

Twitch Drops return with Hearthstone Mercenaries reveal stream. You can earn up to two United in Stormwind packs for watching Hearthstone streams between 8:30 am and 10 am PT. Watch 15 minutes of any Hearthstone stream on Twitch to earn on the pack and another 15 more minutes to earn the second.

Check your progress

You will be able to see your watch time progress towards your drops while watching Hearthstone Mercenaries reveal stream. However, you will not receive drops automatically. Make sure you claim them in your Drops Inventory menu on Twitch within 24hours or earning them. When logging into Hearthstone, you will receive your packs, so open the game in the region you want them!

Link your Accounts

You will be able to earn rewards before linking your accounts. However, if you don’t connect your accounts, rewards will expire after 7 days. So plan ahead and link your Twitch and Battle.net accounts in 4 simple steps before Hearthstone Mercenaries stream starts:
  • Log in or create an account on Twitch.tv.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu by clicking your account name in the top-right corner of the home screen.
  • Find the Battle.net section, then follow the instructions after selecting a region and clicking Connect.
  • When connecting accounts, be sure that you’re currently logged into the Battle.net account on which you’d like to receive your rewards.
The map for Mercenaries
The map for Mercenaries
Thats all we got for now, but stay tuned to Esports.gg to catch Hearthstone’s latest news and updates. See you next time, in the tavern.
Manuel "Rane" Delgado
Manuel "Rane" Delgado
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