Sap, Capo and Kuht reflect on their performance during the Nick Eh 30 Collegiate Invitational.

With the Nick Eh 30 Collegiate Invitational in the books, I was able to get in contact with and listen to the thoughts of some of the standouts as well as a person who didn’t perform as well as he wanted to. spoke to Sap, Capo and Kuht who are some of the best in the collegiate Fortnite scene right now.The trio offered insights about their mindset going into and coming out of the event.

Nick Eh 30 Collegiate Invitational Final Standings
Top 12 Nick Eh 30 Collegiate Invitational (Source: @CCAfeatFN Twitter)

Why Kuht feels like could have done more

“I’m a little frustrated with this event because I think we could’ve taken first place had we not ended up committing some simple mistakes that led to low point games. I pretty much play for first and if I don’t get first I’m not too happy with it.”

Dominic Romano, known more commonly online as Kuht, echoed the sentiments he shared with me during our last conversation about how he always plays to get first and if he isn’t able to place first then he doesn’t see that as a success.

Many believed that him and Pfluger would place in the top 3 at the Nick Eh 30 Collegiate Invitational at the very least, but they were unfortunately unable to do so, falling just short at fourth place.

“I will definitely be doing VOD reviews to see where we went wrong on our rotations and being able to fix those mistakes would have made it a way easier tournament than what it is,” added Kuht.

He also noted that there were mistakes that cost him and Pfluger many games, and that going forward they’ll look to rectify them and make sure that they do better.

Camaraderie among competitors

“I was prepping with them before the event. I was in a call with them figuring everything out, if it wasn’t us then I wanted them to win it. As soon as we were out of the picture during the last game, I was cheering them on and hoping that they would close it out which they ended up doing.”

Kuht mentioned during the interview that he had prepared for the event with both Sap and Capo, the eventual winners. The trio became familiar through previous events in and out of the collegiate Fortnite scene, and have helped one another in different ways to grow as players.

“I appreciate that they wanted us to win and it was the same for us, had we not ended up winning the event then we would have wanted them to win.” said Sap.

“Me and Dom have been friends for a while so I always like to see him do good and I don’t know Pfluger very well but he seems like a cool person.” said Capo.

When I told them about what Kuht had said about them, they appreciated his words and said that the feeling was mutual.

It’s great to see all of these players cheering each other during events such as the Nick Eh 30 Collegiate Invitational and pushing each other to be greater.

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